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Delivering a 59% reduction in RAC Breakdown’s Cost per Sale

The RAC traditionally run a tactical campaign over the summer to take advantage of the seasonal uplift in people taking out Breakdown cover. However, their media agency had been unable to hit the sales target for the campaign. M.i. Media were called in to take the project on.

The M.i. team immediately…

  • Reviewed historic TV and Press activity to identify changes that would significantly boost the performance of these two acquisition channels.
  • Set up all tracking, attribution and reporting tools that would allow us to evaluate campaign performance accurately and in far more detail.
  • Advised on comprehensive changes to both Press and TV creative to enhance responsiveness

The net result was a substantial improvement in their advertising Cost per Sale. Within 3 weeks the campaign was hitting target – the first time in a number of years. Crucially, these improvements were maintained during less busy periods. This allowed the RAC to run an ‘always on’ strategy that generated profitable new customers every month of the year.

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