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Our audio-focused February looked into audio’s position in the ever-changing fragmented media landscape, looking at how it has moved beyond conventional broadcast radio with the rise of podcasts and streaming services which are offering more tailored options for brands.

To remain up to date and get the audio inside scoop, we welcomed the likes of Spotify, RadioWorks, Bauer Media and Acast to our offices. From the conversations we heard, the stats and insights speak realms. To put it simply, yes brands should absolutely be looking to implement audio into campaigns to stay ahead of the curve.


To address how we can maximise audio effectiveness in future campaigns for our clients, Bauer Media displayed radio’s true potential in building trust and audience loyalty. The radio landscape is expanding and lends itself to the shift towards digital devices. As a staggering 43 million people tune in weekly, DAB, digital audio and smart speakers appear to be the go-to devices where consumers access digital radio content. With multiple touchpoints for reaching listeners, it is vital that we are aware of the advertising options available to brands.

Whilst we know that audio is impactful, measuring it is crucial to its success. Radio offers brands a platform that can boost mental availability, driving through-the-funnel metrics. It goes beyond brand awareness to amplify share of voice. Integrating radio into campaigns can not only enhance perception and consideration, but also brand equity, giving brands a significant competitive advantage. Beyond brand, Radio has its role to play in driving revenue, propelling conversions and purchases. Incorporating radio into campaigns has shown a remarkable 42% increase in driving profits.

So how can brands weave their commercial messaging through radio ads? Luckily for us Radioworks was able to provide us with useful insights into how brands can accelerate their growth. Audio’s real attraction include two important green flags: love and trust. Due to this, audio partnerships are able to drive brand uplift whilst intertwining messages into poignant moments. Back in Q4 2022, Mind ran a partnership with talkSPORT encouraging listeners to break away from the mental health taboo. Whilst this campaign most likely shocked listeners, Mind positioned itself in a way to access a new audience at just the right time, during a major tournament and in the lead up to the festive period.

Whilst sticking to what we know can be tempting, stepping out of comfort zones and away from traditional advertising can really pay off with figures showing that partnerships can be up to two times more effective than traditional advertising, with 43% uplift when partnerships are live.


If you were to ask your friends or family if they had or are listening to a podcast, a large amount of people would admit to having a podcast on the go, whether it be My Therapist Ghosted Me , The Diary Of A CEO or The Newlyweds. Podcasts are now fully embedded in our daily routines, with 60% of the UK listening and 45% of the UK streaming more audio since the pandemic. The last few years have ignited the flame in current and new podcast listeners.

Spotify has gone that extra mile to ensure that it has mastered the art of understanding their listeners’ mood, moment and mindset; meaning that adverts can be delivered based on users’ habits. Brands have to potential to reach 1 in 3 adults in the UK each week with Spotify’s 26.8m monthly users listening. Podcasts are sparking conversation and playing a vital role in getting the world talking. Whilst people still and will continue to watch the big screen, many are now listening to podcasts that correlate to their favourite TV show. Cast your minds back to the devastating exit of Dianne…following this episode, more people tuned into the podcast: Traitors Uncloaked than Love Island.

Acast shed light on how this hyper relevancy in podcasts can be boosted through geo and time targeting, giving brands a huge opportunity to drive awareness and reach, with podcast sponsorship being the bread and butter for driving consideration and building trust.

Podcasts are going beyond entertainment purposes becoming  a simple way for people to steer away from the noise that comes with the digital world and other unhealthy habits. 75% of people want to cut down on their screen time, with 60% finding that podcasts provide them with a break from other media. Despite the fact that social media provides us with platforms to allow for increased connectivity, figures show that Gen Z is concerned about time spent on social media and the negative repercussions this may have, from poor well-being to too much visual stimulation. Because of this, Gen Z is the front row audience for podcasts, with the audio platform acting as their space to escape.


It Is clear that podcast listening is soaring, so how can brands make the most of this? Acast assured us that there is a podcast advertising format fit for every purpose, whether that be direct audio adverts to drive awareness and reach, host read sponsorships or minutes of creative branded segments.

It is a joy to hear that brands’ questions can be answered with a variety of ad options. Advertising options on Spotify can not only be determined between screenless and lean in moments, but streaming intelligence can dictate whether audio or video ads should be served, meaning those active on their phone screen will be displayed with video content, whilst those who are purely listening will hear an audio based ad. Brands’ messaging can be hyper targeted, whether a beauty brand wants to sponsor a ‘good vibes’ playlist or a Charity brand opts for a Video Sponsored Session approach where listeners are gifted 30 minutes of uninterrupted listening in exchange for an attentive video view of the charity’s core message.

Ultimately, we know that radio works, but it’s about thinking innovatively about the best possible approaches for our clients and prospects. It goes without saying, audio is on the up and with it being a constant go to for the majority of us in our day-to-day routines, there are ample opportunities for brands to get their ads to the ears of the right listeners.


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