We’re kicking off the new year with the exciting announcement that we have received a certification as a Partner in Climate Action compensating our greenhouse gas emission through financing a climate project. Having tracked our own carbon emissions between December 2022 and November 2023, we have been able to off-set these by working with Climate Partner who facilitated the project. Our 64 tonnes of CO2 equivalents offset credits have supported a scheme in Eritrea, Africa which provides clean drinking water to the people living there. Now that we have the tools in place to measure our emissions, we can continue with this project on an annual basis to ensure we continue to operate as a carbon neutral business. 

For this project to help us track the carbon emissions of our internal operations we used a variety of tools and data points to work out our overall output. Business Climate Challenge  helped us measure energy emissions, we worked with Microsoft for the server and web data and staff travel (commuting and business travel) was measured and calculated internally based on the emissions from the longest commute made twice a week by everyone for a year. The travel element is an over-estimation so we’re effectively offsetting more carbon than that which has been produced by our travel. 

Driving better ESG outcomes as an agency is a core part of our strategy, with identifying our own impact being a key pillar in our objectives. Alongside our commitment to reduce our emissions, we are pushing forward with an ESG strategy across our business, our clients and our people. We are getting stuck into projects that focus on working sustainably with current clients as well as new clients that we bring into the business. We are also currently engaging with a number of knowledgeable and reputable industry leaders in this space on some exciting content coming very soon.  

Our CEO, David Sequeira, comments, “ESG is a strategic pillar at MI Media. Delivering both immediate and long-term impact is important to us and I’m very proud of the team that’s been involved in these efforts. This is just another step in the right direction showcasing the great work that’s already been done to date. We will continue to focus on ESG as a priority within our work for clients and our impact as an agency.” 

 Our l
ong-term emissions goal is to get to Net Zero Carbon. This will be a bigger project that involves scoping out other emission levels including water, waste and procurement.

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