Yesterday we headed to Campaign’s Breakfast Briefing which focused on the year ahead. Whilst brands and agencies felt the crunch of 2023 with the ad land facing turbulent times, the event provided insights on how we can tap into vital growth drivers this year.  

Here are our key takeaways for the year ahead for brands, agencies and the media industry: 

The year ahead for brands 

Whilst it’s fair to say that the market has faced tough times lately, the panellists challenged us to consider how unpredictability can keep us all on our toes.  If we surround ourselves with brilliant people, it will make facing challenges just that bit easier.  

So what challenges might 2024 pose?  

2023 witnessed some big brand campaigns that took over the advertising space. You only have to think pink before one comes to mind,  Toby Horry, global marketing director, TUI highlighted how so many clients want their very own big Barbie brand moment, but reminded us that it is crucial for brands to establish a bedrock of sustained marketing along with those firework moments. Brands also need to determine whether their product is strong enough to execute a Barbie approach as it requires a lot of thought and a huge level of creativity. Marketers need to tap back into effective creativity, bad creative simply won’t work. With user generated content on the rise, Nishma Patell Robb, president, WACL reminds the more risk averse marketeers that taking risks is a must if we want to cut through the noise and stand out. Ultimately, those brands that pay close attention to their consumers behaviours will be the brands that come out on top and win.  

Creativity continued to be a theme throughout the event, with Zoe Eagle, co chief, Accenture Song UK highlighting the importance of making people really care about brands. There is no set approach to increasing brand relevancy, creativity can be used in so many different ways, as Ryan Fisher, president, Wieden+Kennedy London, pointed out, there is no cookie cutter creativity method. We must be nimble and brave. 

The year ahead for creativity  

Lynsey Atkin, executive creative director, Channel 4 reminded us of the vast amount of media space that is available to us to tell different stories., By being cultural sponges and consuming more ‘stuff’, we can better understand the opportunities. Atkins’ fellow panellists agreed that it goes beyond simply following trends, it’s about doing what is right for the brand. Whilst we live through these turbulent times, we need to stray away from creatively playing it safe. It’s time we got comfortable with being uncomfortable. As Atkin so rightly put it, we need to display hope and optimism by showing swagger through our big brands. 

The year ahead for media  

Despite there being a shift in commerce, and accessible edutainment, Kris Boger, general manager, TikTok, warned us not be too hasty and avoid rushing into novelties. Doing so can put brands at risk of creating missteps.  With brands and clients always wanting to do the new next best thing it’s important to test and learn before rushing into the ‘next big thing’. 


It is clear to say that the session provided great insights and inspiration to kick off the new year Dan Morris, executive creative director, TheOr summed up our industry’s role for 2024: be the sugar that helps the medicine go down.  As an agency it is our duty to create that sugary sweet magic for our clients 

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