BookTrust is the UK’s largest children’s reading charity. It is dedicated to getting children reading who need it most – whether that’s families facing economic hardship, children in care or children with additional needs.

When initially running a “business as usual” paid social campaign, BookTrust were encountering a significant drop in performance compared to historical benchmarks and forecasted cash donation results. We knew it was essential to BookTrust to resolve this as soon as possible before confidence was lost and activity withdrawn by key stakeholders.


After undertaking a comprehensive analysis across the Meta Ads platform, we ruled out issues within the media channel. This review included ad set configuration, individual ad creative performance as well as pixel and event set-up. There were no anomalies and everything was technically correct.

We then considered factors such as seasonality and market trends but, having run strongly performing campaigns at the same time of year in the past, this was not the issue either. The rate of decline was too steep to be dismissed as market trends around declining performance of individual giving campaigns either.

When in discussion with BookTrust, we discovered that its website had recently undergone an update, including the introduction of a new cookie banner. The banner’s ‘reject’ option was brighter and bolder than ‘accept’ option. This small difference resulted in most site visitors choosing to reject cookies, meaning the meta pixels would not fire. The knock-on effect of this was what had led to the significant decline in campaign performance as the bidding algorithms had less data to work with.


Accelerating Growth

At our request, the client was able to restore the previous cookie banner and cost per donation reduced by 54%, returning performance to expected levels. Had we not performed such an in-depth platform analysis and discussed all factors with our client, the client would have reduced activity on Meta and received fewer donations as a result.  Instead, we were able to swiftly identify the issue and collaborate effectively to find a resolution that resulted in another successful campaign.  This campaign shows not everything goes to plan, but its the expertise of the agency, team and individuals who supported BookTrust that enabled us to solve and fix the problem resulting in future gain and added trust.