Pogust Goodhead, (PG) is dedicated to enabling global justice through group litigation. Its consumer-oriented UK product, My Diesel Claim, empowers individuals to challenge car manufacturers regarding illegal diesel emissions, operating on a No-Win, No-Fee basis. PG wanted to drive customer acquisition and mass awareness to establish market dominance for My Diesel Claim and it was our strategy pivoted around live sporting TV advertising that leveraged this campaign.


Having worked in partnership with PG since 2021, we were determined to build on the strong foundations we had laid. Our previous work in April 2021 had demonstrated the strength of television, delivering three times the targeted lead volume at a staggering 68% lower CPA. This made us confident to make TV our lead choice of media for the My Diesel Claim campaign. Our approach was two-fold: captivate and instil trust, while ensuring scalability.

We took a comprehensive approach, leveraging our expertise, extensive research and testing; with live TV as the star player. While reflecting on our previous achievements with selective live football spot buys, the Winter World Cup in Qatar emerged as a monumental TV prospect. Here was an arena to showcase My Diesel Claim on the grandest of stages. We devised an integrated, multi-channel strategy with bespoke creatives revolving around this major live sporting event. A substantial 74% of our TV placements occupied prime real estate which stimulated broad appeal.

For the campaign, we developed a bespoke, real-time TV attribution dashboard. This innovation challenged conventional perceptions of DRTV, revealing that strategic spot buys, particularly within football programming, coupled with ABC1 audience targeting and smart creative, would fulfil performance metrics. This insight gave PG the confidence to embrace bold strategies.

We secured an arrangement with ITV which granted My Diesel Claim access to all ITV-televised group stage games, coupled with digital benefits across ITVX for designated matches. Our collaboration with Happy Hour Productions played a pivotal role, the team created live action ads tailored for football enthusiasts with personalised language and content throughout.

We also devised a cross-channel approach to bolster our AV activities. This involved weaving essential digital avenues into the media mix, including PPC and Paid Social across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, Google. This strategic collaboration ensured coherence across various touchpoints, further strengthening the impact of our TV initiative. We strategically experimented with diverse channels, audiences and content while ensuring cost-effectiveness to maintain investor engagement and support and achieve the best customer acquisition results possible.

Accelerating Growth

Navigating the complex aspects of TV media buying demanded a high level of knowledge and attention, particularly due to this campaign’s high-profile and substantial investments. The My Diesel Claim World Cup campaign surpassed all expectations, delivering exceptional customer acquisition results across channels and accelerating growth for the client. The campaign’s initial success led to expanded investment, allowing us to buy spots in a third more games than originally planned.

We reached 171k sign-ups, double the intended target, whilst TV advertising also exceeded expectations, attributing over 57k of sign-ups and slashing the cost per sign-up target by 68%. Digital performance also shone across Google PPC, Meta and TikTok all achieving an average of over 30% CPA reductions vs the target. All of this helped the client achieve a campaign ROI of £15.07.

The bespoke dashboard created by using in-campaign real-time optimisations, helped us sell in an additional 6 games to the investors in the later stages, all of which helped gain further mass reach for My Diesel Claim as the tournament progressed, whilst helping accelerate the growth in number of sign-ups, cost efficiently.

The campaign also reached a much higher percentage of 25-34 males, which saw the highest jump in sign up volumes of all audiences (25% of all sign ups from this audience vs. 12% in all previous campaigns). By identifying that a sports audience, in particular one that is football focused, was key to accelerating growth for My Diesel Claim, we were able to undertake a clear sports-led strategy for 2022 and 2023, resulting in an incredibly successful, award-winning World Cup 2022 campaign, which has supported the client in achieving 2m sign-ups.