RNID is a prominent charity aiding millions in the UK with hearing-related challenges. It sought to improve effectiveness and expand its pool of regular supporters cost-effectively.

Its aim was to leverage paid media, particularly social channels, to drive impactful campaigns. The primary goal was not just to secure donations but to also gather insights, essential for future campaigns in 2023. Amongst available assets was RNID’s newly revamped guide to Tinnitus, which would prove an important asset for driving engagement and subsequent donations.

RNID’s quest for increased regular giving supporters needed a thoughtful and efficient approach to channelling paid media budget. The challenge was not only to enhance visibility but to also ensure that once potential supporters reached the donation page or downloaded the guide, the process was optimised to encourage and facilitate contributions effectively. Our goal was to empower RNID’s mission through applying our wealth of marketing insights not just to media but to creative and technical elements outside media.


Prior to launching the paid social campaign, we collaborated closely with RNID, delving deep into its donation process and the different routes givers could take. We provided insightful recommendations to streamline the customer journey, amplifying the impact of on-site donations. This alignment set the stage for a more effective campaign rollout.

Specifically, we recommended reducing the number of steps in the customer journey. The most significant of which was to remove a simple thank you page once the guide had been downloaded and instead immediately present downloaders with an “opt in” to become a regular giver. A second route was to drop the double “opt in” that was present when engaged users from media channels attempted to download the guide and switch to a single call to action. Instead of presenting potential donors with more hurdles, we set RNID up for an increased conversion rate from guide download to donation.

Our team then identified key areas within Facebook and Instagram to maximise impact without inflating the budget. We partnered closely with RNID’s in-house creative team to employ nuanced variations in ad creatives tailored for each social channel. We made sure to align the two creative journeys at our disposal, one product led (Tinnitus guide) and one case study led, with appropriate landing pages and user journeys based on the call to actions on each advert. Within each of these journeys we also had a variety of images and videos that we tailored to the audiences targeted on social media. From optimising call-to-action messaging to refining the creative content, every decision was crafted to resonate with the audience on these platforms.

Finally, during campaign rollout we ensured media budgets and bids were optimised based on responses rates to donation levels as well as guide downloads across all the available variables.

Accelerating Growth

The implementation of our marketing insights guidance produced impressive outcomes for RNID. Our application of customer journey improvements and creative variations, alongside bid optimisations saw the paid social channels witness an astounding 575% surge in donations. This success paved the way for an expanded partnership, leading to joint planning for testing additional paid social channels, including Facebook Donations and NextDoor.

Our collaboration with RNID demonstrates the importance of allowing marketing insight to guide factors other than media to influence success, not just in meeting campaign objectives, but exceeding them. By aligning creative insights with a more seamless customer journey, we achieved incremental growth in donations at an accelerated rate within media. This success story sets the stage for continued media innovation and more strategic guidance through exploration of diverse channels to further RNID’s noble cause of fostering inclusivity and supporting ground breaking research.