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We have kicked off the week with some positive news.

It is fair to say that the previous few months have been a whirlwind for our team, from new business pitches to getting new and exciting work over the line. Throughout this, our team as always have remained dedicated, enthusiastic and driven to deliver nothing but the best for our clients and prospects.  

We understand that a pitch requires a whole team effort. We want to ensure that everyone is involved within the process, whether that be in the room or those who assist in the research and planning phase. Whilst we strive to deliver for our clients, we recognise the extensive effort and pressures that can come with the pitch process.

As we are committed to establishing a positive experience, we have opted to officially sign up to a great initiative led by the IPA – the Pitch Positive Pledge.

So, what does this mean for us as an agency?

From a new business standpoint, it signifies our commitment to a standardised and accountable pitching process. This includes maintaining quality briefs, reasonable requests and appropriate timelines.

From an agency perspective, it goes without saying that our people are our number one, so we really focus on prioritising our team’s well-being. We work as a united team and with that comes with strongly formed relationships. Ultimately, we are here to back each other up every step of the way.  

To streamline our pitching process, we are aware of our responsibilities as an agency and see the importance of cutting through the noise, by ensuring our clients make it clear on what they don’t want to see at a pitch and not wasting advertisers time through diligent work.  

We strive to continue on our positive path by harnessing this momentum to accelerate growth for our clients whilst fostering agency growth in the right way.  

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