Jamie Gibbins, Account Manager

Jamie Gibbins, an Account Manager here at MI is up next in our ‘A day in the life’ series. Jamie sat down to talk to us about how he found a career in media, the great client work he has done with his team over the past year and advice he would give to those wanting to enter the world of media. 

Jamie Gibbins, Account Manager

What led you to a career in media?

As I was so unsure what do, University was ruled out, so I opted to do an apprenticeship and whilst the money didn’t stretch that far (7k for the year) I gained valuable experience and an insight into various aspects of media, igniting a spark and my interest in PPC and advertising. After completing my apprenticeship, I secured a job at a small agency in my hometown in good old Surrey and after three and a half great years at Media Minds Global I took a break to go travelling. I returned to the UK on a real high after my travels, but then Covid hit and like so many others I was made redundant from Kau Media Group, so I had a reset and decided to start freelancing during lockdown. Following the Covid chaos I joined OMD for 2 years where my main focus was on the UK government account. As the senior manager, I headed up each of the different channels from ppc search, social and display across both B2B and B2C. I then joined MI in 2023 and since being here I have been trusted in my role to have more autonomy over my work and the clients I work with which has been great.


What does a typical day look like?

First things first, I check my emails, particularly looking out for any flags from clients. From there the team have account check-ins on the various clients that we have and action points are made for the day ahead. At the moment, we are working on a lot of new client briefs and post campaign analysis, keeping me and the team busy and on our toes. Alongside this, we have our usual weekly and monthly client calls where we fully digest our work, discuss where we envision taking these accounts and map out what their growth journey will look like.


What is your proudest moment at MI?

I am really proud of MI’s Claude Litner initiative, where the agency is providing and involved in delivering lectures, sessions and workshops about digital media to students of UWL. Presenting a session to the students at the university allowed me to not only display my level of expertise but also to hopefully inspire upcoming stars in the media and advertising space.


What advice would you give to someone thinking about a career in media?  

To put it simply, try a lot of little different things until you figure out what you like. Whether that be what sectors you like working across, what channels you enjoy using or what avenues you want to go down. This will help you decide on the direction of your career as you’ll have experience in various fields and will be able to digest and understand all aspects of a media campaign.


Do you have a dream client or an ad campaign you particularly love?

There are a lot of great ad campaigns and brands out there, but as a matter of fact, two campaigns that I love come from our very own clients. RNID, was such a rewarding campaign to work on and what made it even better was how grateful the client was for the great results that the campaign produced. They were so appreciative of our hard work and efforts and could see how these transpired to help grow the brand. JML is another example of huge growth experienced so early on in our relationship working with the client. Now we have mastered the growth progression, we are focusing on amplifying JMLs profit.


Who is your role model and why?

It has to be my dad, he has been through some challenging times over the past year but he’s taken it all in his stride and has come out the other side. If we are talking celebs, I’d go with Gareth Southgate, purely on the basis of no matter how bad he is he still somehow manages to keep his job, that’s a skill in itself right?

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