King Living (King) is an Australian family-owned premium furniture brand that has been at the forefront of furniture design since 1977. From the very beginning we have been on a journey to ‘put King on the UK map’ by supporting its UK launch, accelerating its growth and further expansion into the UK market.

There are obvious market challenges as the brand launched during a tough cost of living crisis with consumer spending behaviours decelerating. This meant our positioning and strategy had to be carefully planned to connect with the right type of audience and the segment of the market who are still showing active spending behaviours. Our ultimate objective was to ensure King is perceived as an aspirational and quality brand and drive new customers into store.


Putting this in action, we needed to use media that established King as a credible brand and clearly explained the ‘King Difference’ while discretely targeting an affluent, London-based audience and inspiring them to take action.

Select TV, BVOD and YouTube channels provided premium environments to clearly communicate the ‘King Difference’ through inspirational TV creative delivered to a London-focused audience. In order to reach this audience more cost efficiently, we narrowed our targeting from Channel 4 main to London which led to a 57% improvement in CPS efficiency and a 2023 YTD TV efficiency improvement of 10% YoY. We implemented BVOD by continuing to buy All4 London ABC1 Adults Home and, following testing, we ran our BVOD campaign for the recommended 30 – 50 days to drive potentially three times more incremental reach than sub 30 days.

We were able to reach this audience again within a high dwell-time environment via train card panels installed on affluent commuter lines. High impact lamppost banners on Tottenham Court Road were the final key to driving impact and growth when announcing King’s arrival in the UK Market outside its flagship store.

Social Media and PPC were key to driving a qualified audience to King’s website, always optimising to the best audiences, whilst maintaining delivery within highly credible, premium environments to support King’s brand positioning.

Accelerating Growth

Our media contributed to achieving ambitious sales targets for King. Our social media, PPC and YouTube activity drove qualified traffic to King’s website and in TV we saw a positive correlation between TV efficiency and increased sales and footfall to store on launch of each TV campaign.

King’s Tottenham Court Road store is now the fifth best performing store in the retailer’s global portfolio. The success it saw upon launch led to the opening of another store in Kingston a year later.